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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Unique number for all in India by March 2017

After creating the world's biggest biometric ID System, Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI has set yet another big target. 

After taking AADHAAR registration to one crore figure this month, UIDAI has set a target of linking every citizen of the country to Aadhaar based system as well as giving them Aadhaar card by 2017.

To translate the goal of giving Aadhaar Card to all into a reality, the entire campaign is being run on a mission mode.

Special focus is on those states, where due to several reasons, they are lagging behind other states with regard to cases of registration.

Till date 102 crore people have been enrolled for Aadhaar Card. It is estimated that by March 2017, there would be 128 crore people in the country that means, 26 crore people would have to be brought under Aadhaar enrolment in the next 10 months.

Haryana, Goa, Puducherry and Chandigarh have just 2 to 3 per cent people who are yet to be enrolled under Aadhaar.

A month long pilot project is being run by the name of Challenge. Here, people would just have to fill their details on the UIDAI website. If people by any chance are unable to go to the Aadhaar centre, then the Aadhaar centre would come to their doorstep.

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