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Friday, 10 June 2016

NH Construction : Status

NH Construction : Status Of Kailash-Mansarovar, Chardham , Buddhist Circuit And Ram-Van-Gaman And Ram-Janaki Routes Kailash-Mansarovar Route Through Ghatiabagarh-Lipulekh Road In Uttarakhand.The work on this road is being done from Km 0.00 (Ghatiabagarh) and also from air maintained Detachment at Gunji (at km 45.00) on this road. The connectivity has been achieved up to km 62.00 towards Lipulekh and up to km 29.00 towards Ghatiabagarh side.                                                                            
The formation cutting from Ghatibagarh side also been started and reached up to km 2.90. The work on this stretch from km 0.00 to km 10.00 was outsourced during Dec 2015. Contractor deployed various equipments and work is under progress. The adjacent sector km 10.00 to km 20.00 also has been outsourced but work has not yet started on this stretch due to non connectivity of this stretch from either end.
 The formation cutting from km 62.00 to km 75.54 was not started earlier as the Army authority directed that the work on this stretch be taken up once the connectivity is achieved from Ghatibagarh end. However preparatory works for this stretch was taken up in  March 2016 and  DPR is to be initiated now.
In order to speed up the work on this road, a flat ground at Budhi (Km 20.00 on G-L road) of size 25 x 22 mtr has been identified. Trial landing of ALH Helicopter has been carried out during April 2016. Air Force authority has given an additional requirement for development of this plot which is under progress and another trial of MI-17 Helicopter is planned in May 2016. On successful trial landing resources will be inducted through air lift to have an additional attack point for expediting the formation work.

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