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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Karnataka government allows generators to sell power outside state

KOLKATA: The Karnataka government has allowed generators in the state to sell power outside the state following improvement in power supply situation. "Following improved power supply in the state as a result of increased generation from hydel companies, the state government has lifted the ban that barred generators to sell power outside the state," said a power sector official. Earlier the state had directed power generators in Karnataka to operate at
maximum exportable capacity and supply its entire power in the state grid for utilisation within the state. This was implemented under Section 11 of the Electricity Act 2013 which allows states to bar power companies from selling power outside the state. In a notice, the state said that Section 11 had been resorted to in view of extraordinary situation that had arisen because of various factors which lead to an apprehension that there is a serious threat to the grid security and public interest. "The state has been monitoring and reviewing the situation continuously and it is seen that the extraordinary situation which arose resulting in the government order has ceased to exist in view of various developments," the notice said. Karnataka's power consumption has reduced by anything between 20 million units and 50 million units. Correspondingly the peak demand which was around 9,000 MW to 9,300 MW during the first week of May 2016 is currently reduced to 7,200 MW to 8,600 MW.  Additionally, since the past one week, infirm wind energy during morning and evening peak hours has increased considerably. Injected power is in the range of 650 MW to 1,000 MW and average wind injection per day is ranging from 19 million units and 26 million units. It has brought back the balance in the power supply system in the state. 

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