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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dashar Maha Kumbh to be held in Kashmir after 75 years

‘Dashar Maha Kumbh’ is being organised on the confluence of sacred rivers Sindhu and Vitasta in Ganderbal district of Kashmir on June 14, after a period of 75 years. 
The kumbh is being organised in Waskoora tehsil of Ganderbal district, Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandits are expected to participate on this sacred event.

What happens in ‘Dashar Maha Kumbh’ ?
At the confluence of Vitasta (Jhelum), Krishen Ganga and Sindh (Indus) rivers, there is a Chinar tree known as Prayag Chinar standing on a small island in the middle of the confluence spot surrounded by water on all sides.
One has to come to this Chinar tree in a boat and go up some steps to have a commanding view of the confluence. There is a Shiva Lingam and some religious places like Shadipora Ghats and Narayan Bagh on the small island.
The Shiva Lingam kept under the shade of this tree's trunk is also worshipped. This tree is considered mystical and sacred by Kashmiri Pandits and it is believed that even if the river flooding, the tree never sinks. 

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