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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Symphony launches iPure technology air coolers with new campaign

Symphony has introduced Symphony coolers with iPure technology. To create awareness about the product and to introduce the consumers to this healthier solution to cleaner air, DDB Mudra West crafted a sound driven ad film.
This product operates with a multistage air purification system to give a breath of fresh, clean air to its users.

Interestingly, these sounds were actually the coughs and sneezes of the characters in the ad film.
The film showcases a household with its many members, beaten by heat and dust. The constant household activities keep adding to the air pollution. The films moves to create a piece of music out of the coughs and sneezes of the family members. Here, a voice over introduces Symphony coolers with iPure technology as a solution to both- the heat and the pollution. The ad film with its underlying humorous theme, intends drive home the point that Symphony coolers with iPure technology are the solutions to the consumer’s growing concern of heat and dust.
With this ad film, Symphony intends to not only make an appeal to the value conscious and the image conscious audience, but also to the health conscious audience.
Quoting on the campaign, Himanshu Shah, Director, Sales and Marketing, Symphony, said, “There's very little awareness on the need for quality indoor air, especially in cities, where the pollution levels have gone up alarmingly. To add to that,, the summers are getting harsher by the year. Purification of the air has practically become inevitable now, along with cooling. Symphony's constant attempt at redefining the air cooler space has taken us to the cusp of innovation, a bold attempt to put two key solutions into one. iPure, as a technology, is not merely the need of the hour, but also a unique value proposition for the buyer who demands more. With the new iPure range, Symphony has created a category."
Quoting on the campaign, Rahul Mathew, Creative Head, DDB Mudra West said, “The conversation about pollution has always been about “baahar ki hawa”. But the reality is that it’s the same air that resides inside your house as well. And we knew that talking about the poor quality of air inside the house would make for a good proposition. Now we just had to find an interesting way to demonstrate the same to land the iPure technology of Symphony coolers. And that’s what the film does with it cough-sneeze mix.”

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