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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ministry of Ayush launches new website under Digital India Mission

In a yet another step to reach masses Ministry of Ayush has launched a new website under digital india mission on Wednesday. 
The website is user friendly and provides content in both Hindi and English.
Users of all the major platforms, windows IOS and android can access the website.

The website registers the number of visitors and users are allowed to leave their feedback as well. Ayush Minister Sripad Yeso Naik has launched the website with a committment to practice yoga everyday. 

This time around main function of International Yoga Day will be held in capital complex in Chandigarh. Over 30 thousand people are expected to take part in this event. 

Few more assans have been included this time and the total time of function will be 45 minutes. 

Shetala assan has also been added which gives relief in summers. 

Yoga day aims to increase the involvement of youth this year.

All the panchayats, blocs, districts and capitals in the country will be celebrating yoga day.

Ministry of Ayush has appealed all the states to make it a popular and successfull event.

The ministry is also taking steps to popularise yoga day through social media and, world over, Indian embassies will also contribute to make this event popular across the globe.

Many celebrities have also been roped into to connect and motivate people at large for this Yog Day.

Ayush ministry has ben working hard for the past three months to make this even wide reaching and more successful.

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