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Friday, 27 May 2016

India settles for Silver in the Asian Team Snooker Championship

India settled for silver medal after losing to Iran in the finals of Asian team snooker championship. India was in full confidence as they defeated Pakistan in the semifinals, but little did they knew about Iran’s grit as they won the tournament in the final frame with the score
at 3-2 at the end of the match.
In the finals Aditya Mehta and Pankaj Advani represented India and faced off against Amir Sarkhosh and Soheil Vahedi of Iran. Aditya started things off and won the first frame for India defeating Iran’s Amir Sarkosh 65-53. In the second frame Soheil Vahedi stunned Pankaj Advani, who recently won the Asian 6-Red Snooker title, 54-7 to make it 1-1 in the match. The third frame was a doubles event and Iran took the lead for the first time in the match as they defeated Aditya Mehta and Pankaj Advani 77-1. When it looked like Iran would run away with it, Pankaj levelled things up as he defeated Amir Sarkosh 69-64 in the fourth frame and made it 2-2. Soheil Vahedi crushed India’s hopes of a win by defeating Aditya Mehta in the all-important final frame to win the title and the gold medal with a frame score of 74-40.
India settled with silver in the team event and was a well deserved one. They have been in prime form and have brought glory to the nation as they keep achieving in different tournaments. In this concluded Asian 6-Red and team snooker championship they have won 3 medals over all. Pankaj and Aditya won gold and bronze respectively in the Asian 6-Red snooker championship and a silver with a great teamwork in the Asian team snooker championship. “In Indian sport, our achievements in billiards/snooker aren't perceived as significant, compared to others. But We have the titles!!!” said Pankaj Advani after winning his 6-Red title.

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