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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

IIT-Kharagpur’s Nandini Bhandaru wins European Materials Research Society Award

Nandini Bhandaru, a PhD student at IIT-Kharagpur has won the Young Scientist Award of the European Materials Research Society’s (E-MRS) for contribution to materials science. She had won the award for her outstanding contribution to materials science and nanotechnology, particularly nano-patterning of soft films and surfaces. Presently, Ms. Bhandaru is working at the Instability and Soft Patterning Laboratory of the institute IIT-Kharagpur. Her area of doctoral research is on nano-fabrication,
including soft-lithography, polymer blend films, thin film dewetting and self-assembly. What is Nanofabrication? Nano-fabrication and nano-patterning technology entail developing methods to manufacture nano-materials or pattern materials on a nanometre scale. Nano-lithography is a common method used in nano-patterning especially for producing topographically patterned polymer films and surfaces required in the organic electronics. Applications: It acts as the mother board for many of the devices and applications such as (i) organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), (ii) opto-electronic devices, (iii) thin film transistors (TFTs), (iv) biological sensors microfluidics, (v) plastic solar cells, (vi) data storage media, (vii) smart and super adhesives, (viii) lab-on-a-chip devices, (ix) surfaces for nano-biotechnology applications such as patterned substrates for probing of cell behaviour, etc. Ms. Nandini Bhandaru innovative Research proposes Possibility of fabricating nano-scale patterned surfaces at an extremely low cost and by using an inherently simple methodology. These surfaces may act as the mother board for many of the devices and applications. This technique can be commercialised with minimal capital investment of the fabrication costs of these surfaces. The fabrication costs can be reduced to one tenth of the current high end expensive photolithography or electron beam lithography based methods

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