Early on Thursday at the University Stadium, she clocked 10:00.22 to win the gold in the girls’ 3000m, comfortably erasing the National record of Maharashtra’s Sanjeevani Jadhav (10:08.29), set in 2013. She
also broke the meet record of Kerala’s P.R. Aleesh (10:08.45), established last year.
And it was just five months ago that Anumol had recorded her personal best at the Kerala Schools meet. She had clocked a remarkable 9:41.57 at Kozhikode, which is just an hour’s drive from here.
Kachnar’s mark
The day also saw Kachnar Choudhary of Rajasthan setting a new meet record in the girls’ shot put, with a distance of 15.03m, improving upon the earlier mark of 14.63m, which was set in 2014 by Meghna Devanga of Maharasthra.
By the end of the opening day’s action, Uttar Pradesh had taken an early lead in the race for the overall title. It has 34 points, two more than the reigning champion Kerala. Haryana and Maharashtra had 24 points each.
The results:
Boys: 100m: 1. Rohit (Har) 11.06s; 2. Kiran Bhosale (Mah) 11.15s; 3. S. Manish (Kar) 11.16s.
3000m: 1. Bahadur Patel (TN) 8:36.76; 2. Anoj Kumar Yadav (Man) 8:37.84; 3. Mohan Saini (Ukt) 8:37.98.
High jump: 1. Gurjeet Singh (Har) 1.98m; 2. T. Aromal (Ker) 1.94m; 3. Nishant (Del) 1.92m.
Shot put: 1. Udit Pratap (Bih) 17.83m; 2. Ram Chandra (UP) 17.81m; 3. Satyam Choudhary (UP) 17.79m.
Discus: 1. Amit (Har) 52.00m; 2. Mohammed Fahad (UP) 51.05m; 3. Surjeet Gurra (Bih) 50.45m.
Girls: 100m: 1. Siddhi Hire (Mah) 12.31; 2. Tamil Selvi (TN) 12.52; 3. G. Nithya (Tel) 12.63.
3000m: 1. Anumol Thampi (Ker) 10:00.22 — NR (OR: 10:08.45); 2. Rima Patel (Bih) 10:19.61; 3. Komal Chandrakant (Mah) 10:30.59.
Long jump: 1. Soma Karmakar (Ben) 5.86m; 2. Alphy Luckose (Ker) 5.68m; 3. Rugma Udayan (Ker) 5.64m.
Shot put: 1. Kachnar Choudhary (Raj) 15.03m — NMR (OR: 14.63m); 2. Anamika Das (UP) 13.88m; 3. Kiran Baliyan (UP) 13.71m.
Javelin: 1. Runjun Pegu (Asm) 43.15m; 2. Kavita (Del) 40.96m; 3. Hemamalini (TN) 40.82m.