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Thursday, 19 May 2016

6 Things You Must Know About Manzil Saini, Lucknow’s Very First Woman Police Chief

The UP state government has appointed IPS officer Manzil Saini as the first woman Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in the capital city of Lucknow. Before this posting, Saini was the district police chief of Etawah. She replaces outgoing police chief Rajesh Pandey.

It was in 2009 when the severe Aila cyclone swept through the Sunderbans, West Bengal. It made
the entire land area uncultivable and killed 70 percent of the cattle population. The sea water destroyed an entire paddy crop and forced the villagers to migrate to cities to look for alternative jobs.
The men who stayed back in the villages opted for risky livelihood options like poaching and deforestation for honey farming. Women and children were also affected because due to the scarcity of firewood in nearby locations they had to go deep into the forest to collect wood, which exposed them to tiger attacks and other threats.
This is when Servals Automation Pvt Ltd, a social enterprise based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, came into the picture. The organization provides sustainable energy efficient cooking solutions to consumers at the bottom of the social pyramid.

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